Friday Night (May 10)

7:30    Anne-Marie Williot
8:00    Robbie Harper
8:30    Kieran West & his Buffalo Band
9:00    Illuminari Bohemian (dance)

Saturday (May 11)

11:00    Hemisphere Commission
11:30    Mulvey School Kids Choir
12:00    Jeff Diamond
12:30    Mark Stallard
1:00    Prairie Caravan (dance)
1:30    Dave Sweatman
2:00    Keith Dyck
2:30    John Wilson
3:00    Turkish Taffy (dance)
3:30    Winnipeg Conservatory Strings
4:00    Winnipeg Conservatory Soloists
4:30    Winnipeg Conservatory Choir


Jo’Anne Kelly
Michel Saint Hilaire
Kathleen Black
Catherine Emile
Cecilia Basic
Anlina Sheng
Perry Holmes
Marina Wilder
Dodie Mitchell
Marielle Hill
Stephanie Strugar
Cynthia MacGregor
Jenn Bomback
Mark Humphrey
Dave Pruden
Marie LeBlanc
Tarik Daoudi
Elizabeth Mason
Dana Zimmer
Jazmin Papadopoui
Agnieszka Pajor
Wolseley Family Place
Abstract Landscape Class
The Madison Group


Pamela McFarlane at www.portraitsbypamela.ca
Tyrrell Mendis at http://www.theimpressionists.ca/


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our Natural World

1:00                 “April’s Here”  (music video) –  D. Bruce Moore (5 mins)

 “Recreating Eden – The Renegade Scientist featuring Diana Beresford-Kroeger”  – Merit Jensen Carr (23 mins)

 “May We Grow” – Erika MacPherson  (23 mins)

  2:00               “Winnipagans” (30 mins) – Dodie Graham McKay

Ted Baryluk’s Grocery” – John Paskievich (10 mins)

 “West Central” –Jeff McKay (40 mins)

 3:30                Music and Shorts!

Partner in Crime” –Thomas Asselin, Chadd Cawson & Jaremy Ediger   (4 mins)

Maples Collegiate Lip Dub” – Saul Henteleff (7 mins)

The Mystery” – D. Bruce Moore (6 mins)

Victoria” – Chadd Crawson  (15 mins)


Cecelia Basic and her molded glass
Gordon Monkman and his carved walking sticks
Wendy Lee
Stephanie Strugar: henna and glitter tattooing and body painting
Teresa Bickle
Katerina Pappas
Cecilia Basic